Judah’s Tribute to His Brother, Joseph

At this time, the so-called wise and informed ministers of religion in our society are illiterate—deaf and blind—as to the doings of the Lord in our day. For the Lord is preparing Joseph again to stand forth and claim his throne and the dignity of his fathers. The peoples of the Earth will make obeisance to him yet again, fulfilling—for a second time—young Joseph’s dream relayed to his brothers and father in Genesis 37.

The Book of Jasher (which Joseph Smith spoke highly of) has a record of a conversation which took place as Judah was trying to convince his father Jacob to allow Benjamin to come down with him to Egypt, as he and his brothers were directed by Joseph to do (Joseph had not revealed himself to them yet).

The verbiage of Judah’s pleadings to Jacob can be applied in this day—to the Native Americans, who will soon rise to claim the throne and dignity of their father once again. And the world will forever change. Kings shall shut their mouths. For what is before their eyes, they did not consider.

Judah to his father Jacob:

“Dost thou not know and hast thou not heard that this king [Joseph, his brother] is very powerful and wise, and there is not like unto him in all the earth? behold we have seen all the kings of the earth and we have not seen one like that king, the king of Egypt; surely amongst all the kings of the earth there is none greater than Abimelech king of the Philistines, yet the king of Egypt [Joseph] is greater and mightier than he, and Abimelech can only be compared to one of his officers.

Father, thou hast not seen his palace and his throne, and all his servants standing before him; thou hast not seen that king upon his throne in his pomp and royal appearance, dressed in his kingly robes with a large golden crown upon his head; thou hast not seen the honor and glory which God has given unto him, for there is not like unto him in all the earth.

“Father, thou hast not seen the wisdom, the understanding and the knowledge which God has given in his heart, nor heard his sweet voice when he spake unto us.

“We know not, father, who made him acquainted with our names and all that befell us, yet he asked also after thee, saying, Is your father still living, and is it well with him?

“Thou hast not seen the affairs of the government of Egypt regulated by him, without inquiring of Pharaoh his lord; thou hast not seen the awe and fear which he impressed upon all the Egyptians.” (Book of Jasher, pg 155)

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