Prayer of a Sinner

Jesus, thou Son of God,

I cry out to Thee for forgiveness. I am pained for my sins, and I desire Thy strength in me to overcome. I confess my sins, and this day, this moment, I forsake my sins. I will NOT revisit these damnable transgressions, as I desire to not displease Thee, nor bring Thy wrath down upon me.

I say unto Thee, I’m sorry for my sins. Thou hast power to cleanse me of my stain, my sins, my iniquities. Please do so this very moment. I cannot live with this gall of bitterness before me—within me. Please, oh God, please pardon my sins, give me strength to overcome, and to have my overcoming be permanent, because it is anchored in faith in Christ, my Savior.

I plead with Thee, let me feel the swelling motions of the Holy Ghost again, whom I have offended. Take my hell upon You, and I will serve Thee forever and ever, and worship Thee with great love and devotion to the end of the world.

Let me be forgiven. Forgive me. Intervene, oh Lord. Erase these sins from my soul, then from my memory, and Thy memory, and take this evil desire from me, that it would depart forever into the abyss; that I would have NO more disposition to sin, that Satan will have NO more power to captivate me, that he may NOT chain me down with his awful chains—that he may NOT reign over me in his own kingdom.

Cleanse my soul with Thine own cleansing—cleanse me with the blood of Thy holy Son.

Thy ways are just, oh Lord. I cry out to thee in the supplication of my soul, with full purpose of heart, desiring that purification and holiness that comes from the Holy Ghost, and calling on the infinite strength of my Redeemer to replace my own (lack of) strength.

To be cleansed is my greatest desire. Give me the desire of my heart, because of the righteousness of my Redeemer, because of His blood, and because of the sincerity of my heart in my agonizingly crying out to Him. Oh Lord, I cry out unto Thee continually!

I will not sin again, oh Lord. Give me another chance to follow after Thee. Lead me not unto temptation, and I will not lead myself unto temptation, and follow the evil one. I will be virtuous and chaste in mind, heart and in my actions, and will be prayerful continually, praising Thy name in Spirit and in truth.

Oh Lord, implant Thy holiness within me; and then I can do all things in Thy name. I will do exploits, and will certainly be rid of the monsters that cling to me, and the opportunities I give them, because of my weakness. Oh, Lord, make my weakness my strength. Save my soul, and I will ever cherish the avoidance for which I avoided the valley of the shadow of death, according to Thy grace, Thy wisdom, Thine understanding, Thy lovingkindnesses; and because of my broken heart and contrite spirit, in yielding my heart unto Thee.

Who is like unto Thee, oh, Lord? Thy ways are the ways of holiness, oh King of kings, Lord of lords, and Master of all masters. Thou art the Ruler of the universe, for which Thou ruleth with Thine infinite wisdom, understanding, and mercy forever.

Let this moment be memorialized throughout all time.

Praise be unto Thee forever, oh God, my everlasting God.

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